Controls & Instruments

Meany Inc. provides electrical service for controls and instruments, supporting industrial processes across a broad range of applications. We offer more than 60 years of experience helping customers realize reliable operations with electrical design and support for process control systems including programmable logic controls (PLC, DCS, and SCADA systems), automated conveyors and equipment and tank farm control. Meany provides full electrical services from experienced cost estimators, project managers, designers, and IBEW union electricians.

Process Controls and Instruments Electrical Service

Many industrial and manufacturing operations are powered by computers, requiring reliable process control for smooth operation of machinery and equipment. Meany Inc. is a full service electrical contractor providing licensed support for PLC retrofits, hardware upgrades, new installations and replacement of outdated equipment. Many industrial applications require sophisticated connectivity of controls and instruments to communication systems with uninterrupted service.

We understand the requirements of modern industrial operations, providing necessary electrical support for automated systems, sensors, photo eye scanners and automated conveyors. Controls and instruments used in manufacturing and warehousing operations perform a high level of automated tasks such as advanced sorting and routing. We ensure your equipment is sequenced with your computers and communication systems, installing necessary conduit and wiring for optimum control of machinery and equipment.

We provide electrical services for controls and instruments used in tank farm control operations such as refineries and food processing plants, including fiber optic cables, instruments and control rooms which gauge the level of material in tanks for inventory management. Electric controls and sensors provide valuable data to customers for material and process control. You can have confidence in our years of experience and ability to meet demanding schedules with full electrical support.

Meany Inc. is a leading full service electrical contractor providing guaranteed code compliant electrical services to industrial operations in and around Chicago. We are dedicated to providing innovative electrical solutions which provide maximum control combined with energy efficient cost savings. Contact us today to learn more about our electrical services for controls and instruments.