Emergency Power & Generators

Meany Inc. is an experienced electrical contractor, capable of assessing, designing, and installing generator and UPS backup power to keep your business operational.

Electricity is essential for your business to function. The first line of defense from power outages is usually in the form of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS Devices). UPS units utilize batteries of varying sizes to protect servers, computers, other telecom and critical power equipment from short power outages. Natural gas and diesel generators provide longer term power outage solutions. Paired with Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS’s), generators can provide a seamless transition to an alternate electricity source other than utility power.

In addition to permanent backup power solutions, Meany has the resources to provide temporary power generators for construction sites and emergency outages. Through our strategic partners, we can often have rental generators onsite and operational within a few hours of your request.

You can rely on Meany Inc. to install the proper backup power system tailored for your specific requirements.

Meany Inc. is a leading electrical contractor serving commercial, industrial and educational properties in and around Chicago. We have over 60 years of experience providing guaranteed code compliant electrical services. Contact us to ensure that you have no interruptions with your electrical service.